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At SwiftFlats we manage the rent of apartments online for university students and young people with internships in a safe and efficient way. From our web, tenants can access to a varied catalogue of rooms in shared apartments, full apartments or university residences.

We offer personalized assistance for those owners who want to rent their properties in a 100% safe way and with guarantees of the monthly payments. With our Sea Service we assure the owner the monthly payments of the rent, regardless of the defaults that the tenants may commit or regardless the flats is not complete. The owners who contract the Sea Service will have the monthly payment without exception. In addition, those owners who do not want to manage their properties, SwiftFlats offers the Ocean Service: a service through which the owner does not need to manage its property and is the SwiftFlats team the one in charge of carrying out the maintenance of the house, offers solutions to tenants during their stay and even repairs the property´s furniture if necessary.

Regarding the tenant, the rent of the accommodation is done entirely online, thus facilitating the search of the accommodation from anywhere in the world. SwiftFlats accompanies the tenants through the whole process, from the moment they rent their new accomodation, to their arrival in their new city. Moreover, the tenant will be in touch with the SwiftFlats team for its whole stay. The SwiftFlats team is multilingual, eliminating in this way the language barriers that may arise between the landlords and the tenants, offering a personalized service to each of our clients.