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Tenants, how does SwiftFlats work?


Search the web for the room that you like the most


Check availability


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Put your contact information and payment. Do not worry, until the reservation is confirmed by the owner it will not be charged anything in your account :)


Wait for your reservation to be confirmed by the owner

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Insurance for rent (Includes Civil Liability)

When receiving reservation requests, the owner will positively value that you have a Rental Insurance that includes Civil Liability. The security of the rooms of the property is very important for the owner and that is why, from SwiftFlats we want to help all our customers to feel 100% safe.

Which are the advantages of having a Rental Insurance that includes Civil Liability?

  • We cover your Civil Liability towards others up to 300,000€.
  • Covers up to 20,000€ incidents and accidents such as flood or fire, among others.
  • Maintenance work in the rented house.
  • ... much more on our website!

Take a look at our 3 different rental insurances and discover all the advantages!

Get one of our Insurances and do not worry anymore!

Welcome Packs ESN

From SwiftFlats we want to help make your stay in Bilbao unforgettable and for that reason, we encourage you to acquire a Pack of activities with more international students like you and discover the corners of this wonderful city all together.

Sports activities, parties, barbecues, cultural trips, trips through the different cities of Spain ... All this is possible with ESN Bilbao.

Run and do not miss the chance to get one of the ESN Bilbao Activity Packs!

Make your experience in Bilbao amazing together with SwiftFlats and ESN Bilbao!

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